Support & Responsibility

7.1 BorderNET support desk is available for BorderNET customers only. There will be NO support provided for any other ISP, carrier or agent or any other service that is not deemed to form any part thereof a BorderNET service.

7.2 BorderNET offers support for a single, standard internet connection only.BorderNET provides support only for those single connections running on IBM or IBM compatible computer systems. BorderNET does not provide support for networking.

7.3 BorderNET provides support for its own satellite, ADSL and Dial Up connections, email, domain & hosting services using the non-server applications of Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express. BorderNET cannot be expected to provide support for applications that the manufacturer or vendor themselves has ceased to support. The subscriber is responsible to abide by any product licensing requirements and must have those readily available if required at the installation of the BorderNET service.

7.4 BorderNET appreciates that many other software applications and equipment may be utilised to connect to some of our services. BorderNET support personnel may have experience or knowledge with other software applications, networking and other technical matters.

7.5 Whilst we may be able to provide helpful advice, some setting information or troubleshooting assistance, any support for Linux, Macintosh or any other program or platform, or any form of networking is at the sole discretion of BorderNET.BorderNET recommends clients seek support and assistance from the place of purchase, directly with the software manufacturer or engages a PC / Network Technician. The responsibility for any additional connectivity lies solely with the subscriber.

7.6 BorderNET is not responsible for any telephony charges that may occur on a customer account by their Telecommunications carrier. The subscriber is responsible for checking to make sure the dial-up number is a local call number.

7.7 BorderNET is not responsible for any failure of customer equipment which may cause interference, erratic behaviour or instability, such as constant disconnection and reconnection. The subscriber is solely responsible for their own equipment.

7.8 The vast majority of support provided by BorderNET is free of charge, including the initial setup of the service to a single PC for a standard connection (not networking). However if the fault is determined to be beyond BorderNET's reasonable control (act of war, god, animal, weather etc) {Refer to Section 1} or due to the replacement, rebuilding or reloading of the client's service PC, telephone support may be charged for at the hourly rate of $66.00 (inc GST). For all other charges, please refer to the Schedule of Fees Section 10.

7.9 BorderNET provides the client with initial setup information and basic troubleshooting steps in the Starter Pack. Greater detail, pointers, hints from other BorderNET clients and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our website from the forum, wiki and support sections.

7.10 Whilst BorderNET makes every effort to answer each client's call as it presents, a message bank service is available for all callers. Wherever possible BorderNET recommends client's forward detailed messages about their service fault via email to for more accurate advice and faster troubleshooting. If the BorderNET Support Centre is unmanned, a fault message can be recorded at any time.