Service Cancellations or Suspension

6.1 Depending upon your service conditions, the majority of our services have a minimum contractual obligation period. The equipment associated with your service, including modem, remains the property of BorderNET until the contract is paid in full. There are penalties for early termination of a contract. You may be charged an early termination fee including payment of the residual obligatory period plan fees. Refer to Schedule of Fees Section 10.

6.2 Requests for cancellation must be received via fax or post with our cancellation form or online via the my account section on the Bordernet website by our Accounts Department no later than the 25th of any given month to ensure cessation before the commencement of the next billing cycle (1st monthly). Upon receiving online request, a communication is forwarded to the client advising of the contractual obligations and cancellation costs (if any).

6.3 If you cancel a service before we have completed providing it to you, we may at our discretion charge you for the reimbursement of any costs incurred by us in preparation of providing the service. We may also evoke our right to cancel your service if we believe you may pose a credit risk, there is excessive use of the service or we have reason to suspect fraud or any other illegal conduct in connection with the service.

6.4 Regardless of the reason for disconnection, you are still required to pay all fees incurred before the service was cancelled or suspended. Full cancellation fees are payable regardless of reason or when the contract was due to expire.

6.5 With suspension of service, depending upon the reason for the suspension of the service, you may still be required to pay all fees (except usage determined fees) that arise during the period of suspension.

6.6 We may terminate your service if :

You are in breach of the terms and conditions, We have notified You in writing of the breach and You have failed to remedy the breach within thirty (30) days of Our notice.

A Material Breach is a serious breach and/or is something that cannot be remedied, We may immediately terminate Your Service without prior notice to You and, should We proceed to terminate the Service during Your Contract Term, a Cancellation Fee will be payable to Us.

Where we are unable to meet the service standards for VOIP Telephony under Part 5 Telecommunication (Customer Protection and Service Standard) Act 1999, and the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2000 (No. 2).

At any time for any reason, upon the provision of thirty (30) days notice in writing.

6.7 If your service has been suspended or cancelled, we may charge you a reconnection service fee of upto $66.00 (inc GST) if you decide to reinstate the service. Please refer to Schedule of Fees Section 10.

6.8 It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their service is cancelled, and all outstanding debts are paid