Maintenance & Repairs

8.1 BorderNET endeavours to provide, but we do not guarantee, continuous or fault free service.

8.2 We regularly carry out scheduled maintenance on our network and make every effort to perform these outside of standard working hours. This is not always possible and any outage to services may occur at any time to carry out emergency repairs or resolve unexpected issues on not only our own network, but those of our provider's network.

8.3 If you believe there is a fault, please contact our Support Centre.

8.4 Where Bordernet determines a maintenance visit is required to rectify the fault, you will be provided a verbal estimate of the charges. Once costs have been confirmed with the supplier you will be sent a paper copy that must be signed and returned before work can begin.

8.5 If at any time we are asked to attend your premises to resolve a fault and the visit determines the cause not to be of our doing or responsibility or deemed beyond our realm of control (ie act of war, act of god, weather, animal etc) the cost of the maintenance visit and subsequent work (including but not limited to the replacement of hardware) may be charged. Other costs can be viewed in the Schedule of Fees Section 10.

8.6 You acknowledge it is your responsibility to maintain and repair any equipment that you own. You also acknowledge that you are responsible for any equipment supplied by wholesalers NBN, IPstar and OPTUS installed at your premises for your service and you must pay us for any loss or damage to such equipment.