Invoicing Billing & Payments

5.1 In return for access to our BorderNET services, you agree to pay us the relevant subscription and other charges as described according to the plan conditions outlined on the relevant service application form. The contractual term is that stated according to the service conditions outlined on the BorderNET Service Application Form.

5.2 Charges to you for BorderNET services include: installation charges and related charges (including but not limited to the removal and reinstallation charges) associated with the installation, relocation or removal of the BorderNET equipment; remedial work to the BorderNET equipment.

5.3 BorderNET will bill you at the regular intervals stated and agreed to in your service application. BorderNET accepts billing frequencies of Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annually. The BorderNET billing cycle commences on the 1st of any given month and cycles to midnight at the end of that given month. BorderNET bills in advance for all monthly plan fees whereas any additional megabyte charges for excess usage are billed in arrears for the month prior.

5.4 Invoices are issued on the 1st of any given month and are sent to your nominated email address. A printed invoice can be provided via post mail on request, however this can incur an accounting administration fee of $3.30 (inc GST) per invoice. The invoice will state which month the plan fee is being billed for and which month (if any) the excess charge is being billed for.

5.5 The first BorderNET invoice will reflect a pro rata amount from your connection date to the 1st of the next month (next billing cycle). At our discretion, at any time, we may send you an interim invoice and any invoice raised by us may include charges relating to a previous billing period in a later invoice.

5.6 Full payment of an invoice is required within 8days of the invoice issue date and the due date is clearly stated on the invoice. Payment is required to be received at our office by close of business on the 8th day of each monthly billing period.

5.7 The invoice we provide clearly states the options by which you have to make your payment, however at our discretion some or all services may require to be paid by authority to debit payment from a nominated credit card or bank account. BorderNET can only receive authorised automatic payment debits from Visa, Bank Card, Mastercard, American Express or an Australian Cheque or Savings Account.

5.8 If a payment is dishonoured by either cheque, credit card or bank account decline, regardless of the reason for such decline, we may exercise our right to charge you a dishonour fee of upto $22.00 (inc GST) each occasion. Please refer to Schedule of Fees Section 10.

5.9 BorderNET requires all invoices to be paid in full within eight (8) days of issue to avoid service suspension. If payment is not made within 8 days, without further notice BorderNET may suspend the service for non payment. An automated payment reminder may be sent to subscribers showing an outstanding balance no less than 72 hours prior to the suspension of service for non payment.

5.10 Further if your invoice is not paid by the due date, we may exercise our right to charge interest on the overdue amount, immediately suspend your service and charge you a reconnection of service fee. If an invoice remains outstanding we may refer it to a debt collection agency to recover payment and you will be held responsible for all reasonable costs in doing so.

5.11 The BorderNET client management system will automatically suspend services on or after 12 days from the due date have elapsed. However if any payment arrangements are not met or any further dishonour of payment occurs, the service will be immediately suspended without warning.

5.12 If service suspension occurs a fee of $66.00 may be charged to reinstate the connection. The service may be reactivated within 48 business hours of payment being received. Non payment for the service is also cause for a breach of contract notice whereby BorderNET can refuse to reconnect the service and charge for the full balance of the contract.

5.13 BorderNET, at our sole discretion may provide you with a full refund or credit of all money, excluding the installation and related charges, charges for remedial or site test fee, that you have paid if you make a request for refund within 7 days of joining, return the manual, software and any hardware that you have been issued and your account usage does not exceed sixty (60) minutes or eighty (80) megabytes. Credit balances of $10.00 (inc GST) or more will be left on closed accounts for a period of 90 days and will be carried over should you choose to reopen an account within those 90 days. No refunds will be issued for credit balances on accounts closed beyond 90 days.

5.14 At our discretion, if we consider that you have received poor service from us we may provide a credit to you. If you subsequently close your BorderNET account permanently, that credit will not be refunded to you. If an account is closed any credit balance not eligible for refunding will not be carried over upon the reopening of an account with us.

5.15 We may, at our sole discretion allow you to transfer the legal responsibility for the service if you obtain our prior written consent.

5.17 Financial Hardship Policy:

Bordernet may be able to assist customers having genuine financial hardship.

As per The ACIF Credit Management Code, financial hardship is defined as:

A situation where a Customer is unable, reasonably, because of illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause, to discharge their financial obligations under their contract with the Supplier and the Customer reasonably expects to be able to discharge those obligations if payment and/or Service arrangements were changed. Financial hardship can be of limited or long term duration.

Customers should contact Bordernet, as soon as possible if they believe they will have difficulty making their payment. Upon customer request, Bordernet will assess the individual’s eligibility for assistance. Bordernet considers hardship an inability to pay rather than unwillingness to do so. Hardship may result from a number of scenarios including:

· Loss of employment

· Family breakdown

· A death in the family

· Natural disaster

Bordernet have trained staff within their Accounts and Management team to assess eligibility for Financial Hardship. Documentation may be requested when assessing circumstances. Bordernet may be able to assist in several ways including:

  • Payment plans to reduce the outstanding amount
  • Suspension of credit escalation procedures whilst the payment plan is in operation.

Any financial arrangements entered into need to be sufficient to cover expected future use of the service as well as providing continued reduction of debt at a reasonable level.

To find out more please contact 1300 730 302 during the Accounts department hours 8.30am-5.00pm (AEST).

Alternatively send correspondence via email to or via post to Accounts-Financial Hardship PO Box 1036 Southport Business Center QLD 4215