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BorderNET support services come free of charge to all existing customers.

You can contact BorderNET support staff in a variety of ways

BorderNET provides support for satellite services provided under NBN Co. and ABG subsidy schemes as well as our old ADSL and Dial Up connections.

Any personal hardware that the customer has attached to the network (such as a router) does not fall under this support, however our support staff will attempt to assist you wherever they can.

We also support our email, domain & hosting services using the non-server applications of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7&8, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express.

In a case where you require assistance with software or hardware that falls outside of our support boundaries, we suggest you contact the manufacturer or vendor for assistance.

BorderNET cannot be expected to provide support for applications that the manufacturer or vendor themselves has ceased to support. The customer is responsible to abide by any product licensing requirements and must have those readily available if required at the installation of the BorderNET service.


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