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Previous Satellite Plans

Additional Previous Satellite Series Conditions

  1. HiBIS / Broadband Connect pricing is available to connections in previous subsidy schemes prior to ABG connections.

  2. All prices quoted include GST

  3. Excess plans are defined as a standard monthly cost plus a cost per megabyte over and above the data used during a monthly billing cycle. All excess fees are counted in advance and billed in arrears. Data can be monitored using the data usage tool available by CLICKING HERE.

  4. Shaped plans offer the customer a set price per month charge for their usage whereby, once a subscribed monthly amount is used, the connection is slowed down to 64K for the balance of the monthly cycle. Once the end of month rolls over, the full speed of the connection is resumed automatically.

  5. Peak and Off Peak connection times are defined as Peak: 10.00AM (EST) to 12 Midnight (EST) and Off Peak: 12 midnight (EST) to 10.00AM (EST)

  6. Additional and tailored plans are available on request. Please submit all queries via email on care@bordernet.com.au

  7. Only downloaded data is counted against your monthly data allowance.

  8. Plans showing a * next to the monthly cost can be upgraded to 1024K download for a fee of $44.00 per month.