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Bordernet ABG Series

Additional BorderNET NBN Conditions

Introducing the new BorderNET SATlinQ plans

  1. ABG pricing is available to customers connected under the federal Governments previous ABG subsidy scheme and are for both existing BorderNET and other ISP customers connected under this scheme.

  2. All prices quoted include GST

  3. All prices per month are fixed as all plans are shaped meaning that after your data allocation is used in a particular month, the speed of your connection is slowed to 64K for the balance of the month and automatically resumes to full speed when the month rolls over.

  4. Peak and Off peak connection times are defined as Peak:10.00AM to 12AM midnight and Off peak: 12.00AM midnight to 10.00AM EST

  5. Overdrive download speed is without restriction. Speeds may vary depending on time of day in use and location of service. Overdrive burst speeds will download between 1024K and 6K. IPStar equipment is limited to 1024K only.

  6. Additional and tailored plans are available on request. Please submit your requirements via email to care@bordernet.com.au

  7. Only downloaded data is counted against your monthly data allowance.