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Satellite Internet Services
BorderNET's and NBN Co's exciting new subsidy program is set to provide rural Australia with super quick internet access wherever you live. With a $0 upfront cost to our customers and a low monthly data charge, now's the time to join 1000's of satisfied customers across Australia and best of all, have the confidence of dealing with an Australian provider that's been connecting rural and remote communities for 10 years.

Things you need to know:
Superfast Downloads
Satellite transforms how you use the internet whether for business use or interacting with family and friends. With web pages, email and photo's downloading faster than ever before, you will experience the world wide web as it was meant to be.

Local Aussie support
At BorderNET, we speak your language. Where possible we employ country people in our Victoria and Queensland offices who take the time to understand your requirements and assist you in choosing the right plan to suit your needs.

No Phone Line required
BorderNET's satellite broadband is an always on connection that talks directly to the sky, requiring no telephone line for connection. The technology means family and friends can now contact you while using the web with no more annoying engaged signals and saving you money on your phone bill by not having to dial the internet.

Coverage where you live
BorderNET's NBN satellite offers metro comparable plans no matter where you live. Our coverage spans the whole of Australia so if you can see the northern sky, chances are we can connect you.

Over 10 years connecting over 20000 satisfied customers
We have been providing satellite to 1000's of satisfied Australian and New Zealand customers for over 10 years. With the bulk of new customers referred by our existing customers, we will work hard to be your ISP of choice.